thrilled with the way they look and feel

You’ve paid good money for those perfect leather boots, you’re thrilled with the way they look and feel and they’re so comfortable you want to wear them all day, every day. These botas de futbol magista boots are going to go through every kind of punishment the elements and real life can throw at them. So how do you keep them looking as if they’ve just come out of the box for the first time?

The beauty of leather is that it develops its own patina as it ages. It’s an organic material that stretches and shapes to your contours, fitting literally like a second skin. But in exactly the same way as your own skin will look dull and tired if you don’t care for it, so will leather. It needs that occasional bit of tender loving care to keep it looking in top condition. The most obvious way to keep your boots looking perfect is to polish them regularly. Not only will this improve the look of your boots and protect them from scuffmarks, but it will also help to weatherproof the surface of the leather and shield them from the elements.

If you really want to make sure your boots will be as water-resistant as possible, invest in a tin of dubbin. This is a traditional leather ‘feed’ made from natural wax, oil and tallow and is used to soften, condition and waterproof leather. It’s different from shoe polish as it does not contain any pigment, so if you want to restore the colour of your boots, a good buff with corresponding shoe polish will restore the beauty of the leather whilst the dubbin will add a protective layer to the surface. Treat your boots regularly with this and you’ll find that the surface retains its shine and your feet stay dry, even in reasonably heavy rain.

If you’ve invested good money in a pair of quality leather boots, a worthwhile addition is a pair of boot ‘trees’. These simple devices slot into your boots when you’re not wearing them, maintaining their shape and preventing them from sagging and creasing when not in use.

There are different types of leather that may not be suitable for polishing or using leather feed products like dubbin. Patent leather is best cared for using a soft polishing cloth. Marks on the surface can be removed by gently rubbing with a damp cloth and then buffing the leather back to its original shine with a soft, dry cloth. Try nuevas botas de fútbol to avoid using kitchen cloths, as the surface of these is much more abrasive than you realise and may leave permanent marks on the leather.

Some boots are designed using ‘antique’ leather. This is designed to have a worn or ‘aged’ look and dark or light marks can usually be removed by gently rubbing the leather with a soft cloth. Avoid using harsh brushes, as the bristles will scratch the surface of the leather, damaging the skin and leaving permanent marks.
As with your own skin, leather is easily damaged by direct heat, so never try to dry your boots out with a direct heat source such as a hairdryer. The surface of the leather will shrink from the hide, causing it to crack and leading to permanent damage to the surface. Alternatively, extreme cold can also make the leather brittle and susceptible to cracking, so try to protect your leather boots from extreme temperature changes.

If you take care of your leather boots they should last you for many years to come, making them a permanent addition to your wardrobe and giving you years of comfort, protection and style.