how you can get the best pair of ballroom dance shoes

Are you enjoying your love affair with swing? If you’ve got the killer swing dance moves, then you have to have the right goods to go with it. Find out how you can get the best pair of ballroom dance shoes buty nike mercurial and dance your way to superstardom today.

There are many kinds of ballroom dancing shoes. You can find some relatively economical ones but a lot of them are a bit on the higher price range. When you buy your dance shoes, make sure you take care of them well so they can last you a long time. Don’t use them for going out and preserve them for your dancing sessions only. This will lessen the wear and tear of the pair. Find a reliable shoe repair familiar with these kinds of footwear so you can have them mended when needed.

Typically, the first pair dancers get are black or nude pumps. This is a classic that is always good to have. As you build your wardrobe, you can start adding in more color and spice to your shoes, especially when you are involved in those hot Latin numbers. Strappy sandals with colors that pop out are great for performances.

Of course all ladies want to have the best looking outfit (this includes the shoes), but it is vital that you put fit and functionality before style when it comes to dancing shoes. Tight shoes can affect your performance, while a loose pair can jeopardize your safety. Make sure your shoes fit perfectly so that you can concentrate on showcasing your super swing dance moves and not have to worry about your feet.

Heels should be covered in soft suede for optimal grip and glide. There are two kinds of heel-flared or skinny. The flared ones provide more stability in dancing and the slim heels make twisting and turning easier. It really depends on what you are looking for and what the dance calls for. Get shoes that have a height of 1 to 3 inches and reserve the skyscraper heels to night outs with friends.

Other great add-ons you can look out for are extra foot pad cushions and heel support for more comfort when you dance, light weight material to ease your feet’s weariness, and quick and easy snap straps that don’t cut into the skin. These little features will do a lot in helping you dance better out there.
Dance shoes can cost around a $100-150 a pair. There are, however, some discount dance shoes available in many specialty shops online. These lower end alternatives (around $60 to $90) do not mean that they are of inferior quality necessarily, but you must take care to choose and shop wisely for the best choices out there.

I’m sure that an excellent pair of ballroom dance shoes botines futbol nike will inspire all the dancing queens out there to have a better performance. So what are you waiting for? Improve your dancing (and bump up your cuteness factor) by shopping for a hot new pair of ballroom dance shoes today!